Ductless4Less is a wholly owned subsidiary of New York based County Heat & AC, LLC - Westchester County License # WC-29418-H17
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County Heat & AC, LLC - An employee owned family enterprise.

The collaboration between Father & Son in business ventures, is as old as business itself.  The era of the family run business is still alive in Westchester County, NY and the Jensen men are here staking their HVAC claim with County Heat & AC and their new specialized venture of Ductless4Less.  

Joseph Jensen has been in the HVAC business since 2004, having created a successful partnership with 20 full time installation and service professionals. The business was involved in a wide swath of services, including duct cleaning, residential furnace, boilers and air conditioning systems, commercial services including rooftop and ERV systems. The company was later sold and Joseph worked in the biomass heating industry, during the green transition.

Circa 2016, with Michael Jensen graduating from technical school, a plan emerges and the team is formed.  Father, son and several of his best former employees come together to create a business that can do it all, but will concentrate on installation and servicing ductless splits.  With a focus minded approach to a specialized area of ductless systems, our business plan creates the opportunity to provide the best prices and best service organization for the ductless community.